multi-ethnic group of teenagers

Structured to meet the needs of an ever-changing community, our goal is to
assist in correcting social in injustices, while promoting the empowerment of
individuals and while focusing on self-improvement opportunities. Our goal is to
return to a just community, a self-sufficient, productive individual who has
hope and a future.

Vision Statement:

A Step Forward, Inc. will be viewed as an organization that sets the standards
for spiritually-based programs that uplifts its community and guides its
residents to live vital and productive life. The vision will be realized when a
step forward has enough resources to never have to turn an applicant away and
basic needs are always provided for. Our Vision will also be realized when
social injustices are corrected within the community, and all residences have
fulfilled their spiritual, educational, and vocational potential thereby
creating model citizens.

Core Values:

  • We must seek and implement new ideas.
  • We will embrace and adapt to change.
  • We will ask for valuable feedback.


  • We act responsibly to safeguard our legacy.
  • We will invest resources to empower ourselves.
  • We will seek and respond to the needs of our community.


  • We trust each other to do what the best interest of stakeholders.
  • We treat each other with Respect and Compassion.
  • We do the right thing even when no one is watching.


  • We value diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • We operate with inclusion kinship.
  • We value the contribution of all stakeholders


  • We will commit to working together as one team.
  • We will champion our wins, big, and small.
  • We will operate with honesty and transparency.

For further information on who we are, you can contact us at 410-462-6001.